Chewbacca Plush Toy – Chewbacca (/tʃuːˈbɑːkə/), nicknamed “Chewie”, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He is a Wookiee, a tall, hirsute biped and intelligent species from the planet Kashyyyk. Chewbacca is the loyal friend and first mate of Han Solo, and serves as co-pilot on Solo’s spaceship, the Millennium Falcon.[1] Within the films of the main saga, Chewbacca is portrayed by Peter Mayhew from episodes III to VII (Mayhew shares the role with his body double Joonas Suotamo on Episode VII). Suotamo took over the role alone in Star Wars: The Last Jedi[2] and reprised the role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The character has also appeared on television, books, comics, and video games. Chewbacca Plush Toy

First appearing in Star Wars (1977), Chewbacca and Han Solo accept a charter to take Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and droids C-3PO and R2-D2 to the planet Alderaan. Chewbacca Plush Toy  When they find the planet destroyed by the Death Star, the two smugglers are drawn into the Rebel Alliance. As part of a plan to rescue Leia, Luke tries to put handcuffs on Chewbacca to make it look like he’s a prisoner. Chewbacca almost attacks Luke believing him to be selling him and Solo out, but Han explains that he knows what Luke has in mind and convinces the Wookiee to play along. Chewbacca Plush Toy  After rescuing Leia and taking her to the rebel base on Yavin IV, the two smugglers are given reward money in the value of a payload lost by him to which he owes Jabba The Hutt. Somehow, Chewbacca is able to convince Han to put his debt to Jabba aside for the time being and help The Rebels in their fight against the evil Galactic Empire’s Death Star. They manage to save Luke from being killed, also allowing him to be the one to destroy the space station. Chewbacca Plush Toy

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