Lara Croft Action Figure


Lara Croft Tomb Raider Figure


Size: 18cm approx.

Material: PVC



Lara Croft Action Figure – Lara was born on February 14th, 1992, the only child of Lord Richard and Lady Amelia Croft. Lara’s birth was difficult and both of her parents worried that they might lose her before she was born. However, Lara was ultimately delivered successfully, much to her parents’ relief.

Lara’s early years were spent in the company of her doting parents. Her mother, who was an artist, worked from home and spent much of her time with her daughter, playing with her and giving her piano lessons. Lara Croft Action Figure

Lady Croft died in a plane crash when Lara was very young. Her death inspired Lord Croft’s obsession with finding the key to immortality, which in turn resulted in him becoming somewhat neglectful of Lara. Lara began to act out in order to get attention, even locking the family butler Winston in the large walk-in freezer. Lara Croft Action Figure

One of Lara’s earliest memories was her fifth birthday, when her father, Winston, and the rest of the staff put a lot of preparation into a treasure hunt to keep her entertained. Lara Croft Action Figure

Lara found solace in books, which fueled a lust for adventure. Though her father would occasionally take her along on his expeditions, he was often too busy to pay attention to his daughter. On one such trip, Lara was working on a small patch late one night, and uncovered a jade trinket. Overcome with joy, Lara rushed to her father to show him, still wearing her penguin print pyjamas, though he was taking an important phone call and told her to wait. Too excited to wait, Lara rushed to Conrad Roth to show him the trinket. Roth was more than happy to dote on Lara, and seemed genuinely impressed by her find. He used one of his shoelaces to turn the pendant into a necklace for her. She continued to wear the pendant as a mark of pride.

Lara Croft Action Figure Lara was an intelligent child, and early on was placed in classes with students a year older to compensate. Nevertheless, Lara was often bored at school, which led to her getting in trouble for daydreaming and not paying attention in class. She often asked her father to take her with him when he went on digs, to alleviate her boredom.

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