Legend of Zelda Plush Toon Link Wind Waker Toy




Size: 20cm approx

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Legend of Zelda Plush

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His design is based on Link’s more recent appearance starting with Four Swords and The Wind Waker with an added airbrush shading as opposed to his normal cel-shading.┬áLegend of Zelda Plush

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Toon Link is a secret character that can be unlocked by clearing the Subspace Emissary and clearing Classic Mode with Link on any difficulty, clearing the Subspace Emissary and going through the hidden door in The Forest stage, or by participating in 400 Brawls. His stage is the Pirate Ship from The Wind Waker. He is very similar to his older counterpart, even having the Triforce Slash as his Final Smash too. Toon Link also appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. Legend of Zelda Plush

Most of Toon Link’s special moves are the same as his adult counterpart, with a few differences. His Hookshot, which serves as his grab move and can be used as a tether recovery, has a shorter range. His neutral special move, the Hero’s Bow, also does not travel as far as adult Link’s and travels at a slower speed, but it has a higher rate of fire. Toon Link’s side special move is a standard Boomerang, and his up special as well as his recovery move is the Spin Attack. The latter one varies with adult Link’s in that it can trap any nearby foes in a cyclone of slashes.┬áLegend of Zelda Plush

Unlike Young Link in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Toon Link has three alternate colors that resemble the Links from Four Swords (Red, Blue, and Purple). He also has an alternate color that resembles Link from The Legend of Zelda. Much like regular Link, his last costume is a dark version of Toon Link, which looks like Legend of Zelda Plush Dark Link. resident evil figure 


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