Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie


Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie


Size: 30cm approx.




Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie – A zombie, refers to most humans that have succumbed to the Tyrant Virus (either through contaminated water supply or via bites and scratches from a virus carrier). They serve as universal antagonists of the Resident Evil franchise.

The researchers at Umbrella, called them “zombies” due to their slow pace, mindless nature, similarity to the modern-day concept of a zombie in 20th century cinema, and the fact that they are walking dead corpses. Like their horror film counterparts, zombies spread the virus through biting and are walking corpses, due to the fact that individuals die before turning into zombies. Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie

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The Hippocampus suffers from severe necrosis due to infection bt T-Virus, meaning that a zombie’s memories and spacial navigation skills have been compromised. This led the zombies reduced into mindless, instinctive undead that consume any uninfected lifeforms that stood on their way similar with zombies that featured in George Romero’s Living Dead Series. Also, they can make noises such as grunting and moaning instead of actual speech due to the same brain damage as well. Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie

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In situations of lack of nutrition due to the unavailability of live prey, Zombies resort to cannibalism, consuming other Zombies or infected corpses that have yet to reanimate. However, upon noticing live prey, a Zombie will cease cannibalism and turn attention to the live prey. Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie

Some Zombies lay dormant on the ground due to their lack of nutrition, but will bite anything that comes to their direction. These Zombies that play dead can be easily spotted, as their heads usually follow prey’s movements. Neca Resident Evil Figures Zombie

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