Terminator 2 Action Figure Arnold Schwarzenegger Toy


Terminator Neca T800 Figure


Size: 18cm approx.



Terminator 2 Action Figure – After emerging from the time displacement sphere, at 1:52 AM on May 12, 1984 at the Griffith Observatory, the naked Terminator encountered three punks roaming the streets and forcibly demanded their clothing, killing two of them[1][2] when they responded with aggression. At some unspecified time later, in the earlier hours of the morning, it went to a gun shop to acquire weapons for its mission, killing the shop’s proprietor so it could pocket the ammunition. The Terminator then checked a phone book for a list of Sarah Connors, finding a total of three. It proceeded to kill Sarah Ann Connor and Sarah Louise Connor, before tracking down its intended target – Sarah Jeanette Connor – in Tech Noir. The Terminator nearly succeeded in killing her, but Kyle Reese – a soldier sent by the future John Connor to protect Sarah against the Terminator in the past – helped Sarah to escape. Terminator 2 Action Figure

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A chase ensued and the Terminator was injured in a car crash, damaging its arm and left eye. After removing the useless flesh eye (exposing the cybernetic optic underneath), the Terminator wore sunglasses so as to conceal its cybernetic eye and continue passing off as human. Armed with an assault rifle and shotgun, it then went to an LAPD police station to terminate Sarah, and while it went on a shooting spree which killed dozens of police officers, it failed to eliminate Connor before she escaped with Kyle. Terminator 2 Action Figure

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